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"Zero stretch marks, smelt good, felt good. Thank you, Trinity!"


"I have been using this cleanser for over 15 years and it never fails to do the job. This cleanser literally leaves you squeaky clean. Also great for removing make up, waterproof mascara and all. "


"I know I should wear gloves when I am gardening but I never do. This hand cream is my after gardening restoration hand saviour. "


"I love this new product in the Trinity range. I rotate between the Pink Clay cleanser and this cleanser. This doesn't dry out your skin like a lot of other facial cleansers. Subtle fragrances but big on clean."


"I've used this product for a long time now and it's never dried out my skin. Leaves my skin squeaky clean."
John - VIC


"I wish i had known about this goodie as a teenager! like many of us, i have tried many deodorants and natural options too, but this one is my favourite. It is gentle, does not irritate, smells nice and a little goes a long way too. I exercise and do Yoga on most days and i find it works and it lasts. It is compact in size , i carry it in my handbag and it is not in plastic, which i love. I have not looked back!"
Anastasia - NSW


"I have been using and recommending Jojoba Oil for years! It is versatile, gentle and it works. I use it as a moisturiser for my face at night, but also recommend it for clients in clinic who experience extremely dry skin, especially over the Winter months and in problematic and stubborn dry areas that need some TLC including knees, heels and elbows. I recommend it to clients particularly for babies, as it can be used directly on the skin and it is fabulous for cradle cap! I love Jojoba oil!!"
Anastasia - NSW


"This is without doubt the best skin/after shave balm I have used. The oil is rich without any hint of greasyness. It's absorbed quickly an easily leaving a smooth velvet finish. As good as the feel is the fragrance. I HATE cheap strong fragrances found in almost all products. This is soft, woody and masculine. Maybe they should make a smaller bottle because a little goes a long way. Do yourself a favour."
John - VIC


"I love the trinity skin care night serum! When I wake in the morning my skin feels soft and fresh, small breakouts on my chin have also cleared up since I started using it"
Lara - QLD


"I have dry skin. And it absolutely peaks during the winter, thanks to the constant aircon and heating devices that are blasted on my skin 24/7.This was the first year I didn't experience dry skin. I used the Trinity Nourishing Face Oil every morning and night and I didn't get one patch of dry skin. Not one little bit of flakey skin. Nadda. And I also used make-up a lot less as it gave me a "glow," despite the fact I started most days at 5am entertaining a toddler. It's something I now rely on to keep my skin looking good"
Leigh - NSW


"I have always used deodorant bought from the big grocery stores. Never really thought twice about it. It wasn't until my sister delved into the world of naturopathy, that I began to question many of the products I was using. I had heard of these natural deodorants but wasn't completely convinced they'd work. Yes, I wanted a natural option, but did I want to risk others smelling my body odour!? I tried Trinity Deodorant Paste, as I figured once couldn't hurt. But it actually worked better than any deodorant I've ever used. Not one hint of body odour after wearing it all day, despite my rather stressful job. I won't be going back"
Emma - NSW