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Trinity started life as the 'house' skin care brand in the various health food stores I owned in Sydney, Australia.

After 20 years the stores are gone, but Trinity remains (in Tasmania!)..

I started Trinity because even in the health food industry I was struggling to find quality, truly natural, reasonably priced skin care products that focused purely on the ingredients. I wanted to hand make amazing products in small batches just for my customers that would really do something to nourish, protect and restore their skin, naturally.

So, that's what I did. Hand made products, quality natural ingredients and reasonable prices have been the driving factors behind Trinity since the very beginning.

Now a new phase has begun. I am out of the health food business and Trinity has relaunched online with the same philosophy it's always had..

  • Hand Made
  • Ingredients Focused
  • Small Batches
  • Quality Natural Ingredients

What's in a name?

I am often asked about the origins of the name 'Trinity'. There is nothing, mysterious, esoteric or even religious about it. I was at a family gathering at a hotel in Cairns QLD and we were talking about a name for my new skin care range. After much 'discussion' it was decided it would be named after the establishment we were at and the Trinity brand was born, named after the gone but not forgotten 'fountain on the mountain', the Trinity Beach Hotel.


I work really hard to make these unique products and hope you love them as much as I do

Tony Heron