Trinity Skin Care was started nearly twenty years ago with the aim to create quality Australian, handmade and natural skin care products at a reasonable price.

To say we are a small organisation would be an understatement. But small is good, it means we can concentrate on and control all the important things – hand made products, quality natural ingredients, great packaging, caring for the environment and creating products we love to use ourselves.

Hand Made
All our products are hand made. They are manufactured in small batches and are individually blended and poured. We also design and produce all our labels in house and they are even all applied by hand.

Quality Ingredients
The driving force behind all our products is the what’s inside the bottle. We always aim for the best quality ingredients and try and follow the following hierarchy:

  1. Australian Certified Organic
  2. Australian Natural
  3. Overseas Certified Organic
  4. Overseas Natural

Our ingredients all have a purpose, we do not use fillers or anything that does not add to the product. Even the essential oils that make our products smell fantastic are not just there for their fragrance, they play a vital role in natural skin care.

We choose not to use:

  • Palm oil or palm oil derived ingredients.
  • Chemical, synthetic or artificial fragrances.
  • Chemical, synthetic or artificial preservatives.

Most of our products are vegan friendly - we use beeswax (Australian of course!) in our lip balms.

We do not test our products or any ingredients on animals. All testing is done on humans only.

Glass, glass, glass. We love it! Particularly amber and black glass. It protects the precious ingredients (and won’t react with them), it is easily recycled and we think it looks fantastic.

There are some products we just can’t pack in glass. Anything that is used in the bath or shower is packed in recyclable PET containers.

We work really hard to make these unique products and hope you love them as much as we do.

    Please email us if you have any questions.