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jojoba seed
Originally highly prized by the Apache people, jojoba is now being recognised as the most important skin care oil. The active properties of jojoba oil allows it to penetrate the skin easily and deeply, leaving a luxurious finish. Jojoba oil is virtually identical to the natural sebum found in the skin, therefore it is beneficial for a wide range of skin and hair concerns, including:
> Acne: aids in normalising the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands, which often contributes to the formation of acne
> Ageing: jojoba is rich in insaponifiables, which helps to increase dermal elasticity
> Baby friendly: jojoba is gentle enough for delicate skin, and is more friendly that mineral based "baby oils"
> Dry hair: helps to put moisture back into dry and damaged hair caused by harsh shampoo's, hair dryers, colouring and bleaching
> Itchy scalp: helps to alleviate a dry and itchy scalp and creates healthy hair follicles, allowing new hair growth
> Nails: helps to soften the cuticle and condition and harden the nails


Due to the benefits of jojoba, we love it and use it religiously in our products. You will find most of our face care, body care, perfumes, hair care and hand and nail products contain this beautiful oil. Of course you can also buy just pure jojoba.

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