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Keep Your Face Clean!

Posted by Trinity Skin Care on

Our Facial Cleansers

 We believe cleaning your skin is a vital part of any skin care program. You should always clean your skin before moisturising.
There are 3 fantastic cleansers in the Trinity range  - all unique and all slightly different..

Cream Cleanser

Our Cream Cleanser is really mild non foaming cleanser and is specifically designed for sensitive skin.
It will gently remove dirt, oil and grime and will nourish and revitalise at the same time.
Use this cleanser morning and night before moisturising with one of our Face Creams or Oils

Foaming Cleanser

This unique Foaming Cleanser is suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. It will remove makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants. Perfect to use in the shower. Invigorating Lime, Ginger and Tangerine essential oils are a great way to start the day!
Use this Foaming Cleanser any time your skin needs a good clean or refresh and follow with one of our Face Oils or Creams.

Clay Cleanser

Made with French Pink Clay and pure Lavender Essential OIl this lightly foaming Clay Cleanser is the most powerful of our facial cleansers. It leaves the skin 'squeaky' clean, but will not dry it out. Perfect for acne or breakouts, it is also great to use in the shower (don't get it in your eyes though - it REALLY stings) and will remove makeup, sunscreen, oil, dirt and grime.
Use this Pink Clay Cleanser any time to give your skin a good clean (to remove sunscreen for example) and then moisturise with one of our Face Creams or Face  Oils. If using to help treat acne or breakouts follow with Jojoba Oil as a moisturiser.

If you are specifically looking to remove makeup - check out our all natural jojoba oil based Makeup Remover.

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